Administrator Login

Who Can Access the Administrator Section?
EPPs that are given authorization by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) can access the Administrator section to review information regarding test takers who are registered to test.

EPP administrators can:

  • view a list of candidates registered for testing on a real-time basis
  • access reports (roster reports, score reports, summary reports, etc.)*
  • order Representative Tests

To obtain authorization to access this section, see the instructions under New Users. If you already have authorization and have a user name and password, you may go directly to login as an existing user.

*Inappropriate Uses of the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards™ (TExES™), Texas Examinations for Master Teachers™ (TExMaT™), Texas Assessment of Sign Communication™ (TASC™) and Texas Assessment of Sign Communication-American Sign Language™ (TASC-ASL™) Assessments

Proper assessment use is defined as acceptability of the intended use combined with evidence to support the intended uses. Two specific examples of misuse are listed below but are not inclusive of all possible instances of misuse.

  • Employment Selection or Hiring. ETS believes it is inappropriate for a state, district, school or other local education agency to differentiate among educators who have all met or exceeded the state’s passing score for purposes of making a selection or hiring decision. These assessments were designed and intended to be used for credentialing, not for rank-ordering educators or for making decisions that otherwise presume a predictive relationship between performance on these assessments and performance on the job.
  • Employment-Based Decisions Affecting Fully Licensed and Employed Educators. ETS defines a fully licensed educator as one who has met all state licensure requirements and, therefore, is not practicing under a probationary, emergency or provisional license. Because these assessments were designed and intended to be used for credentialing, ETS believes it is inappropriate for school districts or other local agencies to use the assessment scores for terminating fully licensed educators, determining salaries, promoting or demoting educators or completing performance appraisals/evaluations.


Existing Users


New Users

Follow the steps below before going to login.

You must obtain authorization from TEA. Go to the TEA website and follow the steps provided for gaining access to the Educator Certification Online System (ECOS).

Once TEA receives your completed authorization form, you will be provided an initial user name and password. The password you will be given is only for the ECOS system.

After you have authorization from TEA, you must request a user name and password for the Administrator section of this site by contacting Once you receive your user name and password, you will be able to log in.

Enter the user name and password sent to you from in both the user name and password fields and click "login." You will be able to change your password after logging in.

If you have trouble logging in, contact

Choose a menu item in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This area is divided into the functional areas that appear in the menu. The menu expands, showing the selection options that are available to you. Your security level might prevent you from accessing and using some capabilities. The "Home" button in the upper right-hand corner returns you to the "Welcome" page and the "Help" button accesses the help file.