Receiving Scores

How soon after the test are my scores available?
Score reports are available on the score reporting dates listed in the Registration Bulletin and on this website.
Can I get my score(s) over the phone?

To protect an individual's right to privacy, score information is never released over the telephone, by fax or in person. Score reports are available in test takers' testing accounts.

The address on my score report is not correct. What should I do?
You can update your mailing address, phone number and email address by logging in to your Educator Profile on the TEA website.
I need another copy of my score report. Can I get another one?

The limitation to the amount of time you can view and print your score report in your ETS testing account has been removed. Previously, you had 90 days to view your score report. Now, you can view and download your score report for any tests taken from September 2006 to the present.

If you tested prior to September 1, 2006, you must complete and submit a Request for Verification Letter (PDF) to obtain written confirmation regarding tests that you took and passed.