Important Updates

ETS Online Registration System Video
The ETS online registration system has been updated to allow for a much faster and more intuitive user experience. A demonstration video is now available to walk candidates through the new screens and introduce the improvements. NOTE: If you have trouble loading this video, please be sure to include this site in your "trusted sites" listing in your browser's Internet options/tools settings.

New Video from the ETS Office of Disability Policy
A new informational video from the ETS Office of Disability Policy is now available. This video presents a brief overview of the Office of Disability Policy, highlights some recent legal changes under the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act, and reviews the application process for test takers with disabilities.

Payment Processing
Test fee payment processing is now provided by, the official website of Texas. The price of this service, which is not refundable, includes funds that support the ongoing operations and enhancements of, which is provided by a third party in partnership with the State. Test takers may now be required to process two individual payments to complete an order transaction. This is determined by the services being requested in the final order. Failure to complete both payments will result in cancellation of the order.

Test & Service Refunds
All past and future processed test and service orders are now refundable up to 180 days from completion of initial order payment. The 180-day refund policy begins with the date the initial payment transaction was processed. If a test or service order is changed (e.g., change of test date), the 180-day refund policy applies to the date the registration was initially processed. Test takers canceling an order prior to 180 days from the initial transaction will be refunded according to the “Canceling a Test Registration” policy found in the Registration Bulletin.

New Policy Regarding Watches in the Testing Room
To ensure security and fairness to everyone, test takers are no longer permitted to wear watches in the testing room. This policy has changed due to the many different types of watches that are now available (e.g., calculator, computing, digital, watches with alarms, smart watches, stopwatches) and the functions that can be included in these watches.

Some watches have functions, such as alarms, that are distracting to other test takers. Many smart watches are capable of higher-end functions such as connecting to other mobile devices where data can be transferred to and from the other devices. These types of watches can also run apps that can include functions such as a camera or a recording device.

Test takers will be asked to remove and store their watches before they enter the testing room. Test administrators are not permitted to hold watches for test takers.

Educator Certification Examination Retake Policy Change
Candidates are limited to five attempts to take a certification test. The five attempts include the first attempt to pass the examination and four retakes. The five attempts include any of the test approval methods (PACT, EPP, out of state, charter, and CBE), and all attempts taken before September 1, 2015 count as one attempt. If a candidate chooses to register again for the same test after completion of the fifth testing attempt, scores will not be counted towards certification and candidates will assume responsibility for test fees paid. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) implemented this change to Texas Education Code §21.048 in response to HB 2205, 84th Texas Legislature, 2015. For more information, please consult with your preparation program andsee the FAQ document.

Resources for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-Related Needs
The Bulletin Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-related Needs (PDF) contains procedures for requesting testing accommodations and registration forms. The Supplement should be used in conjunction with the information found in the most recent Registration Bulletin.

TExES BTLPT and LOTE Administrations
Scores for the January 6-13 testing window are now available. Scores for the 
February 24-March 3 testing window will be available on March 23
The next testing window 
is April 14- 24; registration for this testing window closes on March 30. Before taking a BTLPT or LOTE test, it is recommended that you practice by accessing the Alternate Character Toolbar tutorial.

TExES ELAR 7-12 (231) Administrations
Scores for the January 6-13 testing window are now available. Scores for the 
February 24-March 3 testing window will be available on March 23
. The next testing window is April 14- 24; registration for this testing window closes on March 30

TExES Limited-Administration CAT Test (MC Only) Administrations
Scores for the March 7-10 testing window are now available. The next testing window is April 4-7; registration for this testing window closes on April 2.

TExMaT MTT Administrations
Scores for the September 6-9 window are available. Registration for the May 30-
June 2 
testing window closes on May 18.

ETS CAT System Maintenance
System maintenance is performed on the ETS CAT system each Sunday from approximately 7 a.m. until approximately 1 p.m. CT. During these periods, you will NOT be able to register, reschedule or cancel any CAT exams. If you encounter any problems, please try again later.

TEA Educator Certification Online System Maintenance
System maintenance is performed on the TEA Educator Certification Online System each Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. CT. The TEA system may be temporarily unavailable during these periods. This may affect your ability to register for a test and/or view your profile. If you encounter any problems, please try again later.