Develop a Study Plan

A study plan provides a roadmap to prepare for a TASC or TASC-ASL test. It can help you understand what skills and knowledge are covered on the test and where to focus your attention. Creating a study plan will help you organize your efforts. Follow the steps below to create your own study plan.

  • Know what to expect: Identify the information the test will cover and find out what to expect during the test session by reading through the test preparation manual. Know what level of ability you are expected to demonstrate to pass the test.
  • Get the prep materials: Identify books, courses and other resources you plan to use to prepare.
  • Establish a Strategy: Organize, create and commit to a schedule that provides for regular study periods.
  • Study: Stick to your study schedule! Don't wait until right before your test to begin preparing. You can also join a study group and prepare with others who are planning to take the same test.
  • Practice: Videotape yourself and pay close attention to how well you are communicating your ideas. Concentrate on communicating in the signing system you have selected for the test. 

For additional information about preparing for a test including How to Reduce Test Anxiety (PDF), see Study Tips: Preparing to Take a Texas Educator Certification Test (PDF).

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