Taking the TASC–ASL and Receiving Scores

See the TASC–ASL Registration Bulletin for information on test dates, test centers, fees, registration procedures and program policies.

Your score report will be available to you in your testing account by 5 p.m. Central
time on the score reporting date. The report will indicate whether you have passed the test and will include:

  • A holistic score. Your videotaped performance is scored on a five-point scale using a holistic scoring process. The principle underlying the holistic scoring process is that performance during the interview will be evaluated on the basis of overall sign communication proficiency in American Sign Language.  Each point of the scale represents a degree to which effective communication is demonstrated in the performance with “E” the lowest rating and “A” the highest. The passing score for the TASC–ASL is set at Level C. Thus, performances rated at Levels A, B or C are considered to be passing and represent the minimum level of competency required to be an entry-level educator in this field in Texas public schools.
  • Analytical feedback. The TASC–ASL analytic feedback scale (PDF) provides additional information that further defines the criteria for effective signed communication in American Sign Language. As a part of the scoring process, if you do not pass the test, you will receive feedback on your score report indicating the performance characteristics in which you may want to focus your future study. For the TASC–ASL, these performance characteristics have been defined as range of communication and comprehension and intelligibility, as demonstrated through fluency, vocabulary/grammar and use of space in American Sign Language.
  • A link to information (PDF) to help you understand the score scale and interpret your results.

For more information about scores see Test Results and Score Reporting.