TASC Practice Interview Questions

This section presents some sample TASC interview questions for you to review as part of your preparation for the test. To demonstrate how each communication competency may be assessed, each sample interview question is accompanied by the communication competency that it measures. While studying, you may wish to read the communication competency before and after you view each sample interview question. Please note that the communication competency statements are not identified in the actual interview.

The sample questions are included to illustrate the formats and types of interview questions you will experience on the test; however, your performance on the sample questions should not be viewed as a predictor of your performance on the actual test.


Communication Competency: Describe

Describe a group project you helped with where everyone worked cooperatively towards a goal.

  • Describe the project and the goal.
  • How did cooperation by the individual group members help achieve the goal?
  • What did you learn from this experience?

Question Video for TASC Communication Competency: Describe (MP4)

Communication Competency: Instructions

Tell me the steps involved in:

  • preparing and writing a research paper for school.
  • registering for a college or university.

Question Video for TASC Communication Competency: Instructions (MP4)

Communication Competency: Hypothetical Situations

Suppose you are the mayor of a city.

  • What is the first thing you would change? Why?
  • How would you bring about this change?

Question Video for TASC Communication Competency: Hypothetical Situations (MP4)

Communication Competency: Problem Solving

Imagine you are working on a class project and the other people in your group are not contributing.

  • How would you solve the problem?
  • What would you do first to encourage equal participation? What else could you do if your first attempt was unsuccessful?

Question Video for TASC Communication Competency: Problem Solving (MP4)

Communication Competency: Supported Opinion

Should the use of seat belts be required by law?

  • Provide reasons for your position.
  • Persuade me to agree with your opinion.

Question Video for TASC Communication Competency: Supported Opinion (MP4)