How the Test Interview is Scored

Description of the Scoring Process

The TASC has been designed to elicit a representative sample of your signed communication proficiency. The responses are scored on a five-point scale using a holistic scoring process. The principle underlying the holistic scoring process is that performance during the interview will be evaluated on the basis of overall sign communication proficiency. That is, while you are provided with interview questions and prompts across a range of communication levels, scorer judgments will be based on how well you communicate overall.

The scoring process begins with an in-depth scorer orientation. Scorers with relevant professional backgrounds are trained to score accurately, consistently, fairly and in accordance with the TASC rating scale before scoring actual TASC recorded interviews. Persons selected to be scorers are experts in signed communication who have extensive experience in the education of the Deaf, ASL instruction, or a related area. Scorers can be individuals who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or hearing.

Scorer orientation begins with a review of the program and of the rules and procedures provided to the candidates. Scorers then review and discuss the TASC scorer training materials, which include a description of the communication competencies, performance levels, score points and elements typically found in responses at each score point. Scorers also view and discuss training tapes, which have been chosen by TASC experts as representative of a signed performance at each of the score points.

These taped interviews  include a variety of responses to represent the geographic, gender and ethnic diversity of Texas. The discussion of these tapes emphasizes the distinction between score points. Scorers are said to be calibrated and therefore ready to begin scoring candidates' interviews when their individual scoring judgments are in accordance with the rating scale and the scores assigned to the training  tapes.

Holistic Scoring

Analytic Scoring and Diagnostic Feedback

Taking the TASC and Receiving Scores