Preparing for the TASC


The following steps may be helpful in preparing for the TASC. 

  1. Become familiar with the format of the test by reading through the description of the test and the communication competencies that you will be expected to perform (see Test Format).
  2. Read the description of each communication competency in order to get a more specific idea of what you will be required to do to demonstrate your sign communication ability. You may wish to use this to set priorities for your study time (see Communication Competencies).
  3. Become familiar with how your performance will be scored.
  4. Review the Resources for possible resources to consult. Also, compile key materials from your preparation course work.

General Preparation 

Here are some ideas on preparing for the TASC and some tips to focus on during your preparation for the interview. This study material cannot replace a reasonable background in academic studies and practical experience. Instead, it is intended to provide an overview of the TASC.

Signed communication proficiency is acquired over a period of time through continual practice and use of the sign communication system/language. The purpose of the TASC is to allow you to demonstrate your signed communication proficiency in the sign system/language of your choice; therefore, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to the questions asked, nor for the prompts used to initiate responses.

However, it is to your advantage to know what level of ability you are expected to demonstrate to receive a passing score on the TASC and to become familiar with the unique testing format of this test before you actually take the TASC. The TASC requires you to respond to several communication competencies in an interview format. The interviewer has a prepared set of questions for stimulating communication at the appropriate levels, and the interviewer’s questioning strategies within the conversation that occurs is designed to allow you to demonstrate your highest level of proficiency within a more natural and dynamic conversation.

The information in this section is designed to help you obtain information and practice materials that will assist you in doing your best during the interview.

Readiness for the Test

Test-Taking Tips

Interpreting Services

Communication Competencies