Test Centers

Test centers are listed by the general area in which they are located and may not be within the actual city limits. The paper-based test center list (which includes test centers that offer TASC and TASC-ASL) includes the test center code, address, website and driving directions.

Due to factors beyond the control of TEA and ETS, test center locations cannot be guaranteed. Test centers are selected based on availability and appropriateness of the facilities for the specific test administration. Test center locations are subject to change in the event of scheduling conflicts. If it becomes necessary to change a test center location, every attempt will be made to seek a new test center located in the same general area as the one you initially selected.

Assignment to a test center depends on available space. See the Paper-Based Test Center Testing Dates (PDF) to find out what tests are available at test centers in your area on specific dates. The name and address of your test center assignment will be indicated in your authorization letter. Requests to be assigned to a specific testing facility within a specific location or a request to be changed from one testing facility to another within the same test site area cannot be honored.