General Administration

When do the test materials arrive?
You should receive your test materials approximately one week before the test date, but no later than the Wednesday prior to the test date.
Why are there separate shipments?
Materials for candidates who register during late and emergency registration periods will not be included in the initial shipment, thus producing supplemental shipments.
When are the final rosters available?
Final rosters are available the day after the emergency registration deadline.  If there is an exception, you will be notified by your TAS representative that changes have been made to your roster.
A test taker with disabilities or health-related needs arrives without approved testing accommodations and wants to test, but a separate room would be required to avoid distraction to the other test takers. What does the test center supervisor do if they do not have an extra room or proctor to administer the test?
Contact Test Administration Services immediately. If the test taker requires a separate room and one cannot be provided, then very politely explain the situation to the test taker, telling them that they need to contact Disability Services and request a separate room as an accommodation.
Why can't test takers sign out during the last 15 minutes of testing?
This is to avoid any distraction to the remaining test takers who may be trying to finish their tests in the classroom and throughout the testing center. This also ensures that the Associate Supervisor has enough time to make sure the testing materials are correctly accounted for.
How do I become a CBT/iBT test center?
Please refer to the CAT testing site at to complete an application.