Taking CAT Tests and Recording Answers

  • All CAT TExES tests (except for BTLPT Spanish, English Language Arts and Reading 7–12 and the LOTE French, German, Latin and Spanish EC–12 tests) consist entirely of selected-response questions. All questions, including recorded and printed excerpts for the Music EC–12 (177) test, are presented via the computer and you will select responses using the computer.
  • The Principal (068) and Superintendent (195) tests each have a paper supplemental booklet that is provided at the test center.
  • Read the directions carefully. You are responsible for reading and understanding the directions before beginning the test. No oral instructions will be provided. The time you take to read the directions is not considered part of the testing time; however, it is recommended that you take no more than about fifteen minutes doing this.
  • Click “Help” to review the “General Directions,” “Testing Tools,” “How to Answer” and “How to Scroll.” Some tests include Definitions and Formulas and/or a Periodic Table of the Elements. These can also be accessed by selecting “Help.” The test clock will not stop when the “Help” function is being used.
  • To answer a question, click on a response. To move on to the next question, click on “Next.” To return to a previous question, click on “Back.” If you are uncertain about a question and want to mark it to review or return to later in the test session, click on “Mark,” which will place a check mark next to the question on the Review screen. The Review screen lists all of the questions in the test and their status. This can be accessed by clicking “Review.” Only questions that have been previously seen may be reviewed. NOTE: Some tests (Music EC–12, BTLPT Spanish and LOTE EC–12) include sections in which you are presented with recorded prompts, or your verbal response is captured. In these sections, you will not be given the option to press “Back” or “Next.” Instead, the computer automatically goes to the next question when time is up. The “Review” function is also not available for these sections.
  • In other sections of the Music EC–12, BTLPT Spanish, and LOTE EC–12 tests, and all sections of the other tests, there is a question at the end of each section that asks if you are finished with the section. At this point, you can either go back and review your answers or con­tinue to the next section. If you choose to continue instead of reviewing your answers, you will advance to the next section. If your test only has one section or you are in the last section of your test, it will end your test, and you will not be able to go back and review any further.
  • It is important that you review the Supplemental Guides for the BTLPT Spanish and the LOTE EC–12 tests, and also view the interactive demonstration of the TExES CAT tests on the ETS TExES website to get previews and demonstrations of the actual screens used in the computerized tasks encountered in the tests.
  • Your test may include questions that will not count toward your score. Some questions are placed on the test to collect information about how they will perform under actual testing conditions. There may also be some exit evaluation questions. These questions relate to your overall testing experience and are not scored. Your responses to these questions provide ETS with valuable information for future program enhancements.
  • At the end of a CAT test, you are given the option of reporting or canceling your scores for that session.