TExES Test Preparation Resources

TutorialsNEW provides a walk through on how to use some of the tools you may encounter while taking a TExES test.

Tests at a Glance give you a quick overview of the test. There is a Test at a Glance available for each of the TExES tests.

Preparation Manuals familiarize you with the competencies to be tested, test question formats and pertinent study resources. There is a Preparation Manual available for each of the TExES tests.

See Supplemental Guides for the BTLPT Spanish and the LOTE French, Latin, German and Spanish tests. Use these in conjunction with the Preparation Manuals for these tests.

Test Familiarization Videos provide information about how to get ready to take a test and what its like to take a test.

Interactive Practice Tests are full-length practice tests that include correct answers, explanations for correct answers and an automatic score summary report.

Strategy and Tips include booklets containing general information about preparing for and taking a test.

Developing a Study Plan A study plan provides a roadmap to prepare for a TExES test.

Test Preparation Messages via email or text messaging.