Studying for a TExES Test

Developing a study plan can help you understand what skills and knowledge are covered on the test and where to focus your attention. The following steps may be helpful in preparing for a TExES test.

  • Identify the information the test will cover by reading through the test competencies that are in the pararation manual for the test you are taking. Within each domain of the test, each competency will receive approximately equal coverage.
  • Read each competency with its descriptive statements in order to get a more specific idea of the knowledge you will be required to demonstrate on the test. You may wish to use this review of the competencies to set priorities for your study time.
  • Review the “Preparation Resources” section of the preparation manual for possible resources to consult. Also, compile key materials from your preparation course work that are aligned with the competencies.
  • Study the preparation manual for approaches to taking the TExES test.
  • When using resources, concentrate on the key skills and important abilities that are discussed in the competencies and descriptive statements.
  • Use the study plan sheet (PDF) to help you plan your study.

For additional information about preparing for a test including How to Reduce Test Anxiety (PDF), see Study Tips: Preparing for the Texas Educator Certification Tests (PDF).

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