Taking A TExES Test and Receiving Scores

See the current TExES Registration Bulletin for information on test dates, test centers, fees, registration procedures and program policies.

Your score report will be available to you in your testing account by 5 p.m. CT time on the score reporting date. The report will indicate whether you have passed the test and will include:

  • A total test scaled score. Total scaled scores are reported to allow for the comparison of scores on the same content-area test taken on different test administration dates. The total scaled score is not the percentage of questions answered correctly and is not determined by averaging the number of questions answered correctly in each domain.
    • For all TExES tests, the score scale is 100–300 with a scaled score of 240 as the minimum passing score. This score represents the minimum level of competency required to be an entry-level educator in this field in Texas public schools.
  • Your performance in the major content domains of the test and in the specific content competencies of the test.
    • This information may be useful in identifying strengths and weaknesses in your content preparation and can be used for further study or for preparing to retake the test. However, it is important to use caution when interpreting scores reported by domain and competency as these scores are typically based on a smaller number of items than the total score and therefore may not be as reliable as the total score.
  • A link to Understanding Your Texas Educator Certification Program Test Scores (PDF) which will help you understand the score scale and interpret your results.

See Test Results and Scoring Reporting for more information about scores. A score report will not be available to you if you choose to cancel your score.

Educator Standards

Complete, approved educator standards are posted on the TEA website.

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