The TExES Tests for Texas Teachers

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) has approved Texas educator standards that delineate what the beginning educator should know and be able to do. These standards, which are based on the state-required curriculum for students — the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) — form the basis for the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards™ (TExES™) program. This initiative, administered by Texas Education Agency (TEA), affects all areas of Texas education— from the more than 170 approved Texas Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) to the more than 7,000 Texas school campuses. This standards-based system reflects SBEC’s commitment to help align Texas education from kindergarten through college. SBEC and TEA’s roles in this K–16 initiative ensure that newly certified Texas educators have the essential knowledge and skills to teach the TEKS to the state’s public school students.

As required by the Texas Education Code §21.048, successful performance on educator certification examinations is required for the issuance of a Texas educator certificate. Each TExES test is designed to measure the requisite knowledge and skills that an entry-level educator in a particular field in Texas public schools must possess. The tests include both individual (stand-alone) test questions and sets of questions that are based on real-world situations faced by educators.

Each TExES test is a criterion-referenced examination designed to measure the knowledge and skills delineated in the corresponding TExES test framework. The tests measure a test taker's knowledge in relation to an established criterion rather than to the performance of other candidates. Each test framework is based on standards that were developed by Texas educators and other education stakeholders.

Developing the tests was a collaborative process involving classroom teachers and other educators from public and charter schools, university and educator preparation program faculty, education service center staff, content experts and representatives from professional educator organizations. Detailed information about the test development process is available on the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website.

All of the tests in the TExES program contain multiple-choice questions. Some tests also have additional types of questions (e.g., open-ended written or oral responses). For more information about individual tests and test composition, see the Preparation Manual for each test.

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