Printing Admission Tickets

You will need an admission ticket for each test for which you are registered. Your admission ticket will contain information about your reporting time and reporting address. If any of the information on your admission ticket is not accurate or if you have any questions about your test center assignment, call Customer Service immediately at 1-800-205-2626.

If you are taking a PBT test, the last page of the admission test lists your test taker information (your name, registration number, test center and test date/time). This page is part of your admission ticket and must be brought with you to the test center.

You must take your complete admission ticket with you to the test center on the day of the test. If you do not bring your admission ticket, or if the name on your admission ticket does not match exactly the name on your identification, you may not be permitted to test and your test fee may be forfeited. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

You can print your admission ticket by accessing your testing account in the online registration system. If you have not already established an account in the online registration system, you will need to do so in order to print your admission ticket. See Creating Your ETS Testing Account.

Although every effort will be made to contact you if there is a change in either your testing location or reporting time, you should return to your testing account and view your admission ticket 24 hours before your test. If there is a change (e.g., a different building than originally scheduled), you must print a new admission ticket.

If you have questions or need help printing an admission ticket, call Customer Service at 1-800-205-2626.