Approval to Test

Educator Preparation Program (EPP) Candidates

You must receive approval to take a TExMaT test from your Educator Preparation Program (EPP). There are several types of teacher training programs:

  • University Initial — a program usually delivered as part of a baccalaureate program that includes student teaching
  • University Post Baccalaureate — a program that may be offered to an individual who already holds at least a bachelor’s degree and is seeking certification
  • University Alternative Certification Program — an Alternative Certification Program offered by a university
  • Alternative Certification Program — a nontraditional EPP for individuals who hold bachelor’s  degrees or higher that may involve university course work or other professional development experiences as well as intense mentoring and supervision

After you receive approval from your EPP, if you are a first-time testing candidate, you must go to the TEA website (click the TEAL Login on the top toolbar) and create an account. When you create your account you will complete an Educator Profile and obtain a TEA ID number. You will be able to view your approved tests in your Educator Profile under “View Examinations.”

Once you have viewed your approved exams, go to the ETS online registration system and create an ETS testing account. You will register to test through your ETS testing account.

Further information about EPP programs and a list of approved EPPs is available on the TEA website.