TExMaT Test Frameworks

The test framework outlines the specific competencies to be measured on the test; it is based on the educator standards for that particular field.

The content of a test is organized into broad areas of content called domains. Each domain covers one or more of the educator standards for that field. Within each domain, the content is further defined by a set of competencies. Each competency is composed of two major parts:

  1. the competency statement, which broadly defines what an entry-level educator in this field in Texas public schools should know and be able to do, and
  2. the descriptive statements, which describe in greater detail the knowledge and skills eligible for testing.

See a example of a competency and its accompanying descriptive statements (PDF).

In each of the Test at a Glance documents, the educator standards assessed in each domain are listed. The standards are followed by a complete set of the framework's competencies and descriptive statements. Read each competency with its descriptive statements to get a more specific idea of the knowledge you will be required to demonstrate on the test.